The Love, Anchorage box is organized by two Anchorage nonprofits, to support small businesses in our city! Thank you for your support, and please contact us if you have questions that aren't covered here.

I did not receive a confirmation email!

Please bear with us as we navigate this issue. If you did not receive your emailed order confirmation notice, please reach out to

How will I receive my box?

We are offering two options to receive your box: delivery within Anchorage, or pickup at the Anchorage Commercial Kitchen  in midtown Anchorage (located at 1209 W 36th Ave). We will email you when your box is available for pickup or out for delivery. If you ordered your box on July 27th-28th, your box will be available for pickup on August 10th-11th or will be delivered on August 12th. If you ordered your box the week of August 2nd, your box will be available for pickup on August 17th-18th or will be delivered on August 19th. 

What is your delivery policy?

Delivery is available at a cost of $5.95, and only within the city of Anchorage limits. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to the Valley or outside the Anchorage area. We cannot mail boxes (and we do not recommend mailing them, due to shelf life limits)

I can’t make the pickup dates. What do I do?

Unfortunately we cannot hold the box for you, so please contact a friend or family member to pickup the box in your name. Pickup dates are listed in your confirmation email, and all pickups are at Anchorage Commercial Kitchen 1209 W. 36th Ave.

How long will the box keep for?

The box includes some perishables. One item you may receive is Dana Mae’s Cookies, which should be eaten immediately within 1-2 days after pickup/delivery.  

The product I want is sold out. Will there be more?

We do not have plans for another restocking in the immediate future. Please follow us on Facebook or sign up for our mailing list at to stay updated.

How do I sign up to participate as a business in the next box?

Please reach out to and we will let you know when or if we accept applications for new vendors.

How can I keep supporting these vendors?

Please see our vendor page for contact information!

Why are you only selling a limited quantity?

As two non-profits that are doing this project for the first time and for free, we only have the capacity to manage  a small quantity of boxes starting out. We are so grateful for your support, and are already working with our partners to see what else may be possible in the future.